Pennsylvania Democrats flipped control of the state House in 2022, and only need to flip a few seats in the state Senate to take control of that as well.

Control of the state House is precarious, however: Democrats only have a slim majority...and Pennsylvania is still a swing state. They'll need all the help they can get to keep control of the House and flip the Senate!

By default, donations made on this page will be split evenly among the boldfaced campaigns listed below, but you can also pick & choose which campaigns to support using the "Customize Amounts" tool (list subject to change as we pass the filing deadline & primary).

NOTE: All donations go directly to the campaigns; I receive nothing.

  • HD-003 (D+04): Ryan Bizzarro*
  • HD-013 (R+04): Cristian Luna-Valente
  • HD-016 (D+07): Rob Matzie*
  • HD-028 (R+09): William Petulla
  • HD-030 (D+04): Arvind Venkat*
  • HD-033 (D+09): Mandy Steele*
  • HD-039 (R+09): Angela Girol
  • HD-041 (R+05): Brad Chambers
  • HD-044 (R+01): Hadley Haas
  • HD-046 (R+08): Alexander Taylor
  • HD-082 (D+09): Paul Takac*
  • HD-088 (R+04): Sara Agerton
  • HD-118 (D+06): Jim Haddock*
  • HD-119 (R+05): Megan Kocher
  • HD-120 (R+04): Fern Leard
  • HD-131 (R+09): Meriam Sabih
  • HD-137 (D+01): Anna Thomas
  • HD-142 (D+05): Anna Payne
  • HD-143 (R+05): Eleanor Breslin
  • HD-144 (D+04): Brian Munroe*
  • HD-147 (R+09): Albert Leach
  • HD-160 (D+02): Elizabeth Moro
  • HD-187 (R+09): Stefanie Rafes
  • SD-37 (Even): Nicole Ruscitto
  • SD-49 (D+08): Jim Wertz
Strategic Districts / Other: 

Strategic Seats:

  • HD-014 (R+15): Kenya Johns
  • HD-087 (R+16): John Flood, Jr.
  • HD-116 (R+18): Deborah Adoff
  • HD-138 (R+17): Jared Bitting
  • HD-176 (R+10): Hope Christman
  • HD-183 (R+18): Joseph Lenzi
  • HD-199 (R+17): Rick Christie
  • SD-31 (R+12): Mark Temons


  • PA House Dem Campaign Committee
  • PA Senate Dem Committee
  • PA Democratic Party