This isn't another PAC. It's just a one-stop link to make it easy for people to donate directly to hundreds of Democratic candidates running for federal, statewide and especially local (state legislative) offices. has links to multiple ActBlue fundraising pages where you can donate to Democrats running for:

That's it. Seriously. All donations go directly to the campaign funds & organizations listed. I don't receive a dime.

I raised over $6 million for hundreds of Democrats in the 2020 presidential cycle, and another $1.3 million during the 2022 cycle...all of it exclusively online via ActBlue "slate" pages which let you group together a bunch of different candidates onto a single page. So far I've raised nearly $650,000 in the 2024 cycle.

I'm a member of Gen X who didn't become politically active until I was 30 years old...but I've been inspired by the amazing surge in Democratic/progressive political activism among Gen Z over the past few years, so I'm also including  on some pages; Voters of Tomorrow is a quickly-growing progressive political movement for young people by young people. I'm not affiliated with them; I just think they do damned good work.

The candidates included may change over time as various filing deadlines and primaries pass, as well as changing circumstances like nominees having to be replaced, and so on.

Meanwhile, please donate to one, several or dozens of Democratic candidates to help save democracy in 2024!

--Charles Gaba

P.S. Again, I don't receive anything from any of these fundraising pages, but if you'd like to throw a few bucks my way as well to support my work, .

P.P.S. You can contact me at cgaba @ brainwrap . com (no spaces)