Nevada Democrats control both the state Assembly and Senate, but we can't be complacent.

By default, donations made on this page will be split evenly among the bold-faced funds below, but you can also pick & choose which campaigns to support using the "Customize Amounts" tool:

  • AD-002 (R+02): Ron Nelsen
  • AD-004 (R+03): Ryan Hampton
  • AD-005 (D+12): Brittney Miller*
  • AD-009 (D+11): Steve Yeager*
  • AD-012 (D+14): Max Carter*
  • AD-021 (D+07): Elaine Marzola*
  • AD-025 (D+08): Selena La Rue Hatch*
  • AD-029 (D+09): Joe Dalia
  • AD-035 (D+07): Sharifa Wahab
  • AD-037 (D+03): Shea Backus*
  • AD-041 (D+11): Sandra Jauregui*
  • SD-05 (Even): Jennifer Atlas
  • SD-06 (D+09): Nicole Cannizzaro*
  • SD-11 (D+12): Dallas Harris*
  • SD-15 (D+11): Angie Taylor
Strategic Districts / Other: 
  • Nevada Democratic Party
  • Nevada Assembly Democratic Caucus
  • Nevada Senate Democrats