South Carolina may be red state, but Democrats can't afford to cede any state to Republicans!

Nearly 1.1 million South Carolinians voted for Joe Biden in 2020, and most of the nation is waking up to just how extreme and dangerous the GOP has become. However, SC Dems need our help to have a chance at turning back the red tide!

Every race listed below is rated as being within 9 points or closer by .

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  • HD-012 (D+07): Jumelle Brooks
  • HD-064 (D+07): Quadri Bell
  • HD-075 (D+01): Heather Bauer*
  • HD-102 (D+06): Joe Jefferson
  • HD-110 (R+07): John Moffett
  • HD-115 (Even): Spencer Wetmore*
  • HD-116 (D+03): Charlie Murray
  • HD-119 (D+07): Leon Stavrinakis*
  • SD-29 (D+08): Gerald Malloy*
  • SD-35 (D+05): Jeffrey Graham
  • SD-36 (D+08): Kevin Johnson
Strategic Districts / Other: 
  • SC Democratic Party
  • SC House Democrats
  • SC Senate Democrats