New York Democrats control both the state House and Senate, but as we learned in 2022, we can't be complacent.

By default, donations made on this page will be split evenly among the bold-faced funds below, but you can also pick & choose which campaigns to support using the "Customize Amounts" tool.

(All donations go to the funds listed; I receive nothing.)

  • HD-005 (R+08): Michael Reynolds
  • HD-007 (R+04): Garrett Petersen
  • HD-014 (R+02): Ellen Lederer DeFrancesco
  • HD-015 (D+07): William Murphy
  • HD-019 (R+03): Sanjeev Jindal
  • HD-020 (D+06): Tina Posterli
  • HD-045 (R+09): Joey Saban
  • HD-094 (R+05): Zachary Couzens
  • HD-099 (D+06): Chris Eachus*
  • HD-107 (D+06): Chloe E. Pierce
  • HD-111 (D+08): Angelo Santabarbara*
  • HD-112 (Even): Joe Seeman
  • HD-113 (D+09): Carrie Woerner*
  • HD-119 (D+01): Marianne Buttenschon*
  • HD-122 (R+07): Adrienne Martini
  • HD-126 (D+04): Ian Phillips
  • HD-145 (R+02): Jeffrey Elder
  • SD-01 (D+01): Sarah Anker
  • SD-02 (R+05): Craig Herskowitz
  • SD-05 (R+06): Lisa Lin
  • SD-38 (D+06): Elijah Reichlin-Melnick
  • SD-39 (D+06): Yvette Valdes Smith
  • SD-41 (D+09): Michelle Hinchey
  • SD-42 (R+06): James Skoufis*
  • SD-43 (D+06): Alvin Gamble
  • SD-44 (D+08): Minita Sanghvi
  • SD-50 (D+04): Christopher J. Ryan
Strategic Districts / Other: 


  • HD-102 (R+13): Janet S. Tweed
  • HD-121 (R+14): Vikki Davis


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  • NY Democratic Assembly Campaign Committee
  • NY State Democratic Party