Missouri may be considered beet red these days, but Democrats can't afford to cede any state to Republicans!

Over 1.2 million Missouri residents voted for Joe Biden in 2020, and the rest of the state (and nation) are waking up to just how extreme and dangerous the GOP has become. However, MO Dems need our help to have a chance at turning back the red tide!

By default, donations made on this page will be split among the boldfaced funds below. However, you can also pick & choose who to donate to using the "Customize Amounts" tool.

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  • HD-012 (D+01): Jamie Johnson*
  • HD-014 (D+04): Ashley Aune*
  • HD-015 (D+07): TBD
  • HD-016 (R+01): Gloria Young
  • HD-017 (D+04): Shirley Mata
  • HD-021 (D+02): Will Jobe
  • HD-029 (Even): Aaron Crossley*
  • HD-030 (R+06): Kevin Grover
  • HD-034 (R+01): Kemp Strickler*
  • HD-038 (R+06): Martin Jacobs
  • HD-047 (D+03): Adrian Plank*
  • HD-092 (D+03): Michael Burton*
  • HD-094 (R+07): Kyle Kerns
  • HD-096 (R+03): Leslie Derrington
  • HD-098 (D+01): Jaclyn Zimmermann
  • HD-100 (R+05): Colin Lovett
  • HD-101 (R+07): Jacqueline Cotton
  • HD-105 (R+01): Cindy Berne
  • HD-106 (R+05): Karen Edge
  • HD-132 (D+05): Jeremy Dean
  • HD-133 (R+03): Derrick Nowlin
  • HD-135 (D+03): Betsy Fogle*
  • HD-136 (R+05): Stephanie Hein*
  • SD-01 (D+05): Doug Beck*
  • SD-17 (D+04): Maggie Nurrenbern
Strategic Districts / Other: 
  • Missouri Democratic Party
  • Missouri House Democrats
  • Blue Missouri