Massachusetts Democrats control both the state House and Senate, but we can't be complacent.

By default, donations made on this page will be split evenly among the bold-faced funds below, but you can also pick & choose which campaigns to support using the "Customize Amounts" tool.

All donations go directly to the campaign funds listed; I receive nothing.

  • HD-BARN01 (D+09): Chris Flanagan*
  • HD-BARN02 (D+05): Kip Diggs*
  • HD-BARN03 (D+05): Kathleen Fox Alfano
  • HD-BARN05 (R+05): Owen Fletcher
  • HD-BRISTOL01 (D+06): TBD
  • HD-BRISTOL02 (D+08): James Hawkins*
  • HD-BRISTOL03 (D+07): Carol Doherty*
  • HD-BRISTOL05 (R+01): Patricia Haddad*
  • HD-BRISTOL09 (D+06): Christopher Markey*
  • HD-BRISTOL10 (D+01): Mark Sylvia
  • HD-BRISTOL14 (D+04): Adam Scanlon*
  • HD-ESSEX02 (D+09): Kristin Kassner*
  • HD-ESSEX12 (D+09): Thomas Walsh*
  • HD-ESSEX13 (D+01): Sally Kerans*
  • HD-ESSEX14 (D+08): Adrianne Ramos*
  • HD-ESSEX15 (Even): Ryan Hamilton*
  • HD-HAMPDEN02 (D+03): Brian Michael Ashe*
  • HD-HAMPDEN04 (R+06): Bridget Matthews-Kane
  • HD-HAMPDEN06 (Even): Michael Finn*
  • HD-HAMPDEN12 (D+06): Angelo Puppolo Jr.*
  • HD-MIDDLE01 (R+01): Margaret Scarsdale*
  • HD-MIDDLE19 (R+03): David Allen Robertson*
  • HD-NORFOLK04 (D+09): James Murphy*
  • HD-NORFOLK05 (D+07): Mark Cusack*
  • HD-NORFOLK09 (D+02): Kevin Kalkut
  • HD-NORFOLK10 (D+09): Jeffrey Roy*
  • HD-PLY01 (R+01): TBD
  • HD-PLY04 (D+03): Patrick Joseph Kearney*
  • HD-PLY06 (R+03): Rebecca Coletta
  • HD-PLY08 (R+06): Dennis Gallagher
  • HD-PLY12 (R+03): Kathleen LaNatra*
  • HD-WOR02 (R+04): Jonathan Zlotnik*
  • HD-WOR04 (D+05): Natalie Higgins*
  • HD-WOR06 (R+08): Jeanne Renaud Costello
  • HD-WOR12 (D+04): Meghan Kilcoyne*


Strategic Districts / Other: 
  • MA Democratic Party