While most of my fundraising attention is focused on the Main Event in November, there are also some critically important scheduled throughout the year in both state legislatures as well as the U.S. House.

On this page I'll be listing Democratic candidates running for these seats. Unlike my usual policy of only listing competitive legislative districts, for special elections I include even seemingly "solid" red or blue districts, since these types of races sometimes throw curveballs to conventional wisdom.

By default, donations made on this page will be split among the bold-faced candidates listed below, but you can also pick & choose who to donate to using the "Customize Amounts" tool:

March 5th:

  • ME HD-122 (D+49): Matt Beck

March 12th:

  • NH HD-RO-21 (D+20): Jen Mandelbaum
  • NH HD-ST-11 (D+14): Erik Johnson

March 19th:

  • KY HD-024 (R+40): Johnny Pennington

March 26th:

  • AL HD-010 (D+01): Marilyn Lands

April 2nd:

  • SC HD-109 (D+32): Tiffany Spann-Wilder

April 16th:

  • MI HD-13 (D+31): Mai Xiong
  • MI HD-25 (D+22): Peter Herzberg

April 30th:

  • NY-26 (D+09): Tim Kennedy

May 4th:

  • TX SD-15 (D+29): TBD